Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Another bus

The little girl cannot be more than four years old. She is chatting with a young woman that I suppose is the mother until I hear her say "what are you going to tell your mom?"
The two are getting along fine and the little girl is impatient to get on the bus. It's hot and humid and she is obviously tired. She is clutching a large rectangular backpack decorated with a cartoon character that I do not recognize. She is on the look out for the bus and I see her standing up and looking toward the beginning of the street. Nothing out of the ordinary really for someone waiting for the bus, until I realize that she is less than a meter tall and that everything blocks her view: the garbage can, the newspaper vending machines, even the cars coming toward us. Everything is too tall for her. She cannot see anything but she seems unfazed and turns to her nanny saying "No bus yet".

When the bus finally comes, it is so crowded that her nanny decides not to board it. She says to the child "we'll get another bus" and I see them leaving and walking toward another bus stop. I can see the child carrying the huge backpack. It is wider than her. They soon disappear in the rush hour crowd.
I wonder where they are going. The bus I board does not go anywhere near any of the other buses nearby...


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