Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Golf channel

I spent the last two days inside an hotel in the suburbs of Baltimore. A work-related meeting. Spending hours discussing in a small room. Trapped. Tonight for the first time I could escape for an hour and I wanted to go for a walk. I caught the elevator to my room to change.
Two men are talking inside. One is wearing a T-shirt. He is fat and badly shaven. He is talking to the other man, a young clean shaven and neatly dressed man who nods silently with a smile to all what the other says. "So I convinced her that a trip to Australia was better than a bachelor party" Nod " A trip down under for two weeks" Another nod. " Bachelor parties are so overrated". Nod. This is his floor. The fat guy gets out. The nodding and silent guy starts to ask me questions about the reasons I am staying in this hotel. I don't say anything about my stay here, just a vague description. "I'm here for a meeting". I quickly turned the tables around. I learn that he too is here for work. He is covering a golf tournament for the golf channel. A senior golf tournament starts tomorrow. He seems to expect some kind of admiration from my part and I'm happy to indulge. I go back to my room, change and head outside. There is a university across from the hotel and I went for a stroll on campus. The university sits on a hill seemingly bordered by four highways. A mix between classic buildings and horrible tours who house student dorms. I wonder how many people watch the golf channel.


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