Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Road rage

I was driving home yesterday evening. It was dark and I was suddenly startled by a blue car passing me on the right. Fast, dangerously close and reckless. I got really annoyed and caught up with it at the next red light. Right in front of me, revving up the engine, waiting to take off. Go! It flies out in the intersection, changes lines a couple of times to pass several cars deemed too slow. What a jerk! Endangering everybody for what? Three seconds? Two minutes? Who cares about even 5 minutes?
As I am mentally insulting and mocking the driver at the same time, I see the car turning into the parking lot of the emergency room of the hospital I went to when I had my car accident. The rage is gone and I am a bit ashamed of my thoughts. Maybe an extra 3 seconds will matter.


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