Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Orange jaws

Tonight around 7 PM.
I am stopped at the light on Massachusetts Ave, right before Union Station. There is a dark MiniCooper parked on the opposite side of the road. With a orange boot around the front left tire. I see a couple walking toward the car. The woman bends to grab a large piece of paper that was put under the windshield wipers and then she sees the boot and gasps. I can't hear anything but I see her mouth open and all her face lengthen. She is dressed in black, her friend is wearing a knitted grey hat. At the way he stands there, I can tell that this is not his car, nor his girlfriend. He does not seem concerned at all. He just looks at the woman whose facial expression is still reflecting the shock she's trying to absorb.
She looks up and sees me watching. I turn my head as the light turns green.


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