Saturday, July 30, 2005

Breaking up in the street

Walking around after dinner with a friend visiting from out of town. We're walking in silence, enjoying the mild weather, the deserted streets right off Dupont Circle, 19th street, one block away from the Safeway. The street is dark and we hear them before we can see them. A young woman with her cell phone glued to her ear and a young man, in front of her talking to her. It takes us a few second to understand the dynamics. She is saying "How rude you were!
He is answering, pleading "How was I rude? I came here for you!" Her answer is "I can see you, wait for me there for few minutes" and it is clear that she has just called a cab (or a friend) to pick her up. We pass them quickly and as if on cue, we both turn to each other and declaim "I came here for you!" laughing cruelly at the man's misfortune. We both agree that his line's delivery lacked some pathos.


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