Sunday, July 17, 2005

Free food but not free napkins

Tonight I went to pick up food for a reception for a play opening night. A friend of mine is working with the theater company and has asked me to help him with it. My role is to get the food to the theater on time for the after-play reception.
The play is an adaptation of the Persians by Aeschylus so the food is Greek, donated by a restaurant in Dupont Circle. When I get there, the manager summons 2 or 3 waiters who start loading my car. Large plates and bowls filled with Greek specialties. One bowl contains hot lamb stew and the waitress is using a couple of napkins to shield herself from the heat. She tells me "I'll put the napkins here, so you can use them when you unload the food". I nod thinking of the two flight of stairs I'll have to walk up with the steaming bowl.
As I am ready to leave, the manager of the restaurant comes out running "You have napkins that belong to the restaurant!". The woman explained that she gave them to me to help me unload the food. I promise to bring them back to appease him and save the waitress from his wrath.


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