Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Money, money, money

I stopped to get some gas and buy the paper on my way from work. As I am ready to pay for the paper, the guy points to a sign posted on the right. The sign says "$100,000 Powerball ticket sold here!"
I read it aloud and look back at him asking for a ticket. A quick pick for $1. He seems happy, it seems that was exactly the reaction he wanted. I ask "So, did you get a cut?" He laughs answering "Sure! I got $ 1,000 and my friend here got $1,000 too!". They both laugh and it is clear that he is joking. I answer smiling "The guy got 100 K, he could spare 2 for you!" and leave the store. A tall black guy was right behind me in line. He gets out of the store as I am ready to leave, walking to his car, right in front of mine. "So you want to win the lottery too?" He seems surprised. I laugh "Sure, I would not mind! Would you? I mean, we can all use a little bit of extra cash!" He has to agree and nods "Yeah, I know what you're saying".
I'm still not sure why he seemed so surprised at first.


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