Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Airport watching

My parents are flying out today for France and we arrive at the airport to find a long and slow line for international check-ins on United. There is only one line for all destinations and lugages are to be taken to the extra-security check, adding to the chaos that reigns in front of the United counters.
I notice an old couple struggling to get their luggages back to their cart. A young guy with a mustache has noticed them as well and he offers them his help. They have 4 suitcases, all coordinated in some flowery design and all neatly labelled. The woman accepts his offer with a smile but starts quickly to order him around. "This one first!", "This one should be put on the cart side-way" , "No, not this one. We need to have it near". She is bossing him around shamelessly and I can feel myself getting upset and marveling at the patience of the guy who does not seem to mind it that much. He is smiling to a young woman right beside me who is laughing at him and clearly making fun of his predicament.
Her laugh is saying "You wanted to play Zorro and now you're stuck taking orders from an old tyrannic lady". He is soon done with the suitcases and comes back to her, laughing as well.


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