Sunday, December 05, 2004

Creeping out

We're visiting the new museum on the Mall. The fabulously designed Museum of American Indian that opened recently. An imposing and undulating structure that seems deceptively simple once inside.
There are several exhibits but we are in a hurry: we're on our ways to a movie and just dropped by to get a glimpse at the space and get a sense for the place. We go up to the top floor, enjoying the views and enter a large exhibit called "Our Peoples". The design is simple. They've used rice and corn grains between Pexiglas plates as decoration. The flow of panels is quite confusing, curved here and there with no obvious direction toward the exit. The quasi obscurity and the crowd add to the desolated feeling of the space. But I did not know it until I heard a kid saying to his mom. "Let's go. This place creeps me out". I didn't know this expression, but only then I realized he had exactly described the feel of the place.
I asked my parents to hurry and we got back out quickly, basking in the unusually warm sun of this afternoon.


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