Wednesday, December 01, 2004

No time to explore

I had a meeting early today at a local private school. It is a posh and fancy school, the sort of place where students can go to China for 10 days in their junior year and compare with their 2 weeks escapades in Russia the previous year. The last meeting was about 4 months ago and I am quickly lost in the corridors. I stop a kid carrying a backpack that looks as if it weighs as much as himself. He must be about 8 or 9. "Where is the teacher's lounge?" A shrug. "I don't know" said with a slightly longer "I". I points to the stairs. "Where do those lead?". Another shrug. "I'm not sure". I smile. "Do you really go to this school?" "Well, yes." he looks at me puzzled. "Don't you go exploring??" I want to know. Knowing my school inside out was a huge advantage when I was his age. I could escape, run or just hide in all the places found during my long explorations. He looks at me with a sorry air that says "You really don't get it. Do you?", rolls his eyes and utters "Exploring? I don't have time to explore. Too much work" before disappearing in the corridor.


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