Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Clinton was not impeached

At the bus stop yesterday night. A mother and her kid, an energetic 4 year old with long hair and a big smile. Another woman coming who obviously knows the mother. I realize that they are in the same class at the nearby University of District of Columbia.
Of all the universities located in DC (about 10) UDC is probably the worst. I've visited it and the campus reminds me of campuses in Paris (which says a lot for those of you who know the pathetic state of French universities) : rundown, dirty, and gloomy.
They soon start to talk about their classes. The woman with the child complains about a professort of political science. Mrs Allen, who teaches on Saturday. It sounds like an horror story. Anecdotes of Mrs Allen rambling about things that have nothing to do with the class.
The outrage in the voice of the student is clear. Here is a woman who's trying to get a college degree, paying and working her way through and she is stuck with an incompetent teacher. She says several times that she is not "challenged" enough. She does not want to have it easy. She wants to learn.
"The best was when she told us that Clinton was not impeached but it was all a media fabrication". She goes on, half-smiling, half still indignant: "And this is a political science teacher???".
The other woman nods. Both seem resigned to their fate.


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