Monday, August 15, 2005

You owe me

Yesterday was the last representation of "The Persians" so I went to see it. A friend works at the theater and got me a ticket. 3 PM, the heat outside is murderous so I'm glad to escape in the cold rows of the theater. A space reclaimed from an old theater that escaped demolition.
I sat down next to a couple, the guy is on my left.
The play begins and it becomes clear that it is not his cup of tea. He tries to pay attention but very soon, start reading the playbill (many times over), rolls it up, look through it as if through a telescope. His girlfriend, gently but firmly, takes the playbill from his hands. Almost immediately, he is moving his legs up and down, vibrating his knee at large speed. Her hand calms him a bit.
He looks at his watch, then hers.
I guess he does not like the play and frankly I can't blame him entirely. I'm not a fan of political theater. It's always too rough, too naive and didactic. This adaptation is a perfect example of the problems of such production. It's so politically neophyte that it is touching.
I'm not sure, though, that my neighbor has political or theatrical objections to the play. He just looks bored out of his mind. He looks at his girlfriend with an air that says "You owe me one, baby!" She seems to agree and smiles in return.


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