Wednesday, August 17, 2005

DC car inspection

A short walk after dinner and before getting to work. I'm on my way to the zoo and strolling down one of the neighboring streets. Right at the door of one of the row houses is a man walking slowly and cautiously toward the street. He is gripping a cane and every single of his movements seems painful. As I pass in front of him nodding "good evening", he calls me. "Would you mind looking at the stickers on this car and telling me if it passed inspection?" There is only one car parked in front of his house. A black chevrolet that looks at least 10 years old. I look on the driver side. The registration sticker is OK. I read the date aloud "Valid to end of October 2005". He looks at me. "The other side. The other sticker!" I go around the car examining the red sticker. "Yes, this one too. August 2007. You're all set!". He seems genuinely surprised, commenting aloud "It passed inspection, then, it passed inspection.."
This is DC. Every car passes inspection.


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