Friday, September 02, 2005

Food pyramid

I'm in the supermarket with a friend picking up a couple of stuff. We're waiting in line at the cash register. A woman comes behind us with a cart full of food. She is enormous. A little skinny girl is on her side.
The cart is filled with pizza boxes, chips, cookies, ice cream buckets. I don't see any vegetable in that cart. No fruit. Not even bananas. The little girl rushes to grab a couple of small bags of fried onion rings that are displayed near the cashiers. Her mom (?) opens one and start eating, sharing with the little one. I wonder if she realizes she is killing her daughter slowly...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Solomon2 said...

Eating is not something most Americans are good at. I asked a prominent nutritionist recently what the French secret to slimness and health was, and she replied that the French eat smaller portions, more slowly, and with greater ceremony.

(On the other hand, in America truckers can't legally drink and drive.)

1:13 PM  

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