Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Raanana (I)

I'm travelling so time is short to blog.
Many scenes from this country split between the East and the West in a region wrongly named "Middle East". There is nothing "middle" here. Everything is extreme. This is a country where religion is an extreme sport. Dangerous and unforgivable like any other extreme sport.
Today, though, I am not confronting religion or thinking about it. I am in a car watching as another car pulls to the side at the light. The driver is chewing gum. A young, hip, guy wearing sun glasses high on his forehead. I watch as I see him taking the gum out of his mouth and playing with it like a kid with play-do. He has not realized that less than 3 meters away, someone is watching. The pink gum gets extended, folded, pressed between his fingers, over and over. The red light that was holding us together turns green and I just have the time to see the man putting back the gum in his mouth before his car leaves us behind.


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