Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Ideal relationship

I sat right in front of them in the bus. A couple clearly. He caresses her head, really slowly, savoring the obvious pleasure that her hair (short and curly) gives him (his head is shaven). She is standing straight beside him and he forces her head toward his shoulder to enjoy the touch of her hair on his face. I can see him rubbing his cheeks against her hair. She is holding a textbook.

What first attracted and captured my attention, though, is not their display of affection but the fact that they both have headphones on and are clearly listening to different Ipods. His is in a front pocket. She is holding hers in her hand.
They don't speak. Each closed in their own world.
Tapping together a different beat of a different music... A perfect metaphor for the ideal relationship.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. I've been reading your stories. And enjoying everyone of them. I'm curious about you. I get hints of what you do... a shadow of who you are... but I don't really know. Is there anywhere I can go to read about you? Thanks. Enjoy your day. :-)

4:56 AM  
Blogger Just said...

I'm glad you enjoy the stories.

From the blog, you'll probably get a better idea of who I am than anything else you could read on the net.
Beside, there is really nothing much more on the net that you could read about me :-)

9:17 AM  

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